Web Design

I have been designing websites since 2008.
Besides web design I am also a graphic designer, having created images, logos, business cards, christmas cards, posters and menus. I can program in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL and Flash. In practise this means I can create anything you see on the internet but I am more interested in what design you want.

A website takes between a weeks to two to finish. I make sites with your input; you tell me designs you like or features you want and I make them for you. You view the site as it is being built and I make the changes you want until you are happy with it. Once the site is done, I give you a log in where you can run the site and show you how to change it, write you own text, add your own images and create new pages. I provide free support all year round so if you run in to a problem and you need help, you can email me and I will sort it out that day.

I am able to optimise your site so search engines like google, yahoo and bing will rank your site high as it is compliant with their standards. I can also advise you on seo optimisation if you wish to spend money and have your site rank even higher.

Examples of my work, including links, are below. If you wish to talk to me about designing or updating a website for you, you can email me at dara@daramccarthy.com.

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