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If you would like to book one my private Colosseum tours, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill through me, please fill out this form below and it will email me your request.
My tours are private; just for you, your family or friends you are travelling with.

Colosseum Tour

I lived in Rome for 5 years and took over 40,000 people on tours of the Vatican, Colosseum and the other sites of the Eternal City. While I no longer guide in Rome apart from my tours with Rick Steves, I still have friends in the city who do.

I use authorised or official tour guides for the city of Rome, who speak English perfectly, know their history and have a sense of humour. They give you breaks to use the bathrooms, get water and sit down wherever possible.

colosseum tickets

Skip the line tickets to the Colosseum are €16 per person, including booking fee, and I organise these in advance and add them on to the tour price so you don’t have to worry about them.

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colosseum tours One Hour Colosseum Tour

A one hour Colosseum, or Roman Forum, or Palatine Hill private tour is only €100 plus tickets.

For two people this is €130 in total, for three people it is €145 in total, four people it is €160 etc.

You can select which site you want to see and how many people are with you below.

coliseum rome tickets

colosseum tours Two Hour Colosseum Tours

A two hour Colosseum and Roman Forum, or Colosseum and Palatine, or Roman Forum and Palatine private tour is €175 plus tickets.

For two people it is €205 in total, for three people it is €220 in total, four people it is €235 etc.

You can select which sites you want to see and how many of you there are below.

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colosseum tours Three Hour Colosseum Tours

The full three hour Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill private tour is €250 plus tickets.

For two people it is €280 in total, for three people it is €295 in total, four people it is €320 etc.

You can select this option and how many people are with you below.

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    I will reply to you within 24 hours via email and answer any questions you may have. Once you are happy and want to confirm the tour, I will send you an email with the guide’s name and cellphone. S/He will then meet you at your hotel or airbnb reception in Rome. You can pay in cash on the day of your tour.

    My Tour reviews: Dara McCarthy's Rome Walking Tour
    3 hour Walking Tour of the Piazzas and Fountains of Rome Italy

    Rated 5.0/5 based on a selection 10 customer reviews out of thousands.

    • Helpful and Informative

      Dara was very helpful and informative. He knew each room and detail and I am glad that he was our tour guide. He had a nice personality and I was amazed with his ability to keep counting our group to make sure all were together before we moved forward. I have already recommended your tour to other people as I traveled in other parts of Italy.
    • Highlights of My Trip

      Most professional tour that I had on Rome. One of the highlights of my trip. Thank you!
    • Excellent Tour

      Just loved all the info that Dara gave us. Excellent tour and tour guide. Would recommend your tours to our friends visiting Rome. Thanks for your services.
    • Very Funny

      Dara was very funny and gave great information. Truly enjoyed this!
    • Wonderful Job

      Dara did a wonderful job. I wish we would have had him as our tour guide the entire time we were in Rome. He made the tour wonderfully entertaining and very educational. He placed just enough detail in the explanation to teach us but not bore us. He did an outstanding job. Thank you Dara!
    • The Most Enjoyable Tour

      This was the most enjoyable tour of our entire two week vacation to Italy. Dara was quite knowledgeable and interjected fun facts and humor which made it even more engaging for our children - ages 20, 17 & 15. He was always respectful of the faith and reminded us of the rules, other tour guides must not have been as informative.
    • Dara was Great

      Dara was great. We had to leave the tour early because our ship changed the departure time from the port city - move it up 1 hour. Dara gave us great directions on where to go to see what we wanted to see since we couldn't stay with the tour. He also was very informative while the hour or so we were with the tour.
    • Perfect Balance of Wit and Knowledge

      He was the perfect balance of wit and knowledge - was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and he has ability to communicate the facts in an interesting manner - also gave us a good selection of the things worth seeing - I have recommended the tour on our expedia review of Rome
    • Dara was Fantastic!

      Dara was fantastic! Not only very informative but funny as well. He kept the group together well, he frequently asked if everyone was okay and we stopped for toilet breaks. The tour was so interesting and well paced. It was also great that Dara was able to talk and walk at the same time unlike the guide the following day!
    • Dara's Tour was Fantastic.

      Dara's tour was fantastic. He made 2000 years of history much more fun than expected. I would certainly take his tour again when I next visit Rome. I learned so much and had a great time. Thanks!