Vatican Tours Reviews

The following are the reviews of tours I have given of the Vatican from 2009-2012 and and the ones I still organise today via guide friends.

They are actual and honest; I have not edited them. I show them here with the kind permission of the clients. I ask people to write a short note and give me a mark out of 5 (5 being good, 1 being bad).

It is very important to me that my clients enjoy my tours and I enjoy and always remember positive clients. 99% of people have enjoyed my tours and given me positive reviews.

The only people who have not enjoyed the tours I provided were people who did not speak English or who were so jet-lagged I don’t think they would have enjoyed a tour of anything.

If you take one of my tours, you too could be here…

  • General Tour
    Tour was good

    Tour was good. Dara was informative and accommodating

    5.0 Stars Nancy Stanton

  • Vatican Tour
    Incrediby Impressed

    I was incredibly impressed with Dara’s knowledge and the tour given. I have even purchased a book about the art of the Sistine Chapel in order to develop my knowledge!! Very impressed and would highly recommend.

    5.0 Stars Lisa Mcmonagle

  • Vatican Tour
    Dara was Great!

    skipping the lines is a BIG DEAL! vatican has too many visitors. Would recommend this tour. Dara was great.

    5.0 Stars Nina from Dubai

  • General Tour
    Excellent tour.

    Excellent tour. Our guide was wonderful and really cared about everything.

    5.0 Stars Peggy Collias

  • General Tour
    Fantastic Job

    Dara did a fantastic job. His sense of humor was a definite plus and kept us all engaged.

    5.0 Stars Roger Koppy

  • General Tour
    Worth every penny.

    Worth every penny.

    5.0 Stars Scott Kalkin

  • Vatican Tour
    Very Informative

    Dara was very informative

    5.0 Stars Jeff Kennedy

  • General Tour
    Easy to Understand

    Dara was a good guide and seemed to know what he was talking about, plus he was easy to understand.

    5.0 Stars Jason P

  • General Tour
    Fine Job

    The tour was good and Dara did a fine job explaining everything.

    5.0 Stars Tom Johnson

  • General Tour
    Very Professional

    My husband and I went on the tour and enjoyed it very much. It was very professional.

    5.0 Stars Marianne Sweeney

  • General Tour
    Great Tour

    Great tour

    5.0 Stars Angela Delzotto

  • Vatican Tour
    Excellent Work

    Our tour guide was very informative and knew the history of all the statues and art paintings and frescoes on the walls and ceilings. We are very glad we took this guided tour. We would not have known what we were looking at. Excellent work to Vatican tour and guide. Thanks!

    5.0 Stars Katherine R. Yazzie

  • General Tour
    Dara was Amazing

    Dara was amazing. Very funny and he knew his stuff!!!

    5.0 Stars Andrea Green

  • Vatican Tour
    Incrediby Informed

    I don’t know how people go to the Vatican without a guided tour. There is no other way of doing it. Our guide was incredibly informed and very intelligent. I learnt so much with this tour! He was amazing and there is no complaint to be made. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), he ranks at a 10+. 🙂 Thank you for making our Vatican tour the best!

    5.0 Stars Melissa Kelly

  • Vatican Tour
    Very Knowledgeable and Spirited

    He was very knowledgeable and spirited. Plus, what with the Obamas in town, we had to walk the entire way around to get to the Vatican when the tour was over. As an aside, my daughter and I waited in the Vatican for almost an hour as there was a rumor that Mrs. Obama was expected, but in the end, what with only 1 1/2 days in Rome, we left. Since we continued on to Florence, Bologna, and Venice, we never did find out if we had missed seeing her. But was there ever a lot of excitement in that area

    5.0 Stars Dr Donna Ferrara

  • General Tour
    Very Funny

    Dara made the whole foot pounding experience very interesting with a touch of humour thrown in for good measure. Without him pointing out things on the way we would have missed a lot. My teenage daughter was not looking forward to the tour, but afterwards she commented on how much she got out of it and found it very funny.

    5.0 Stars Mr Parlour

  • General Tour
    Very Informative and Interesting

    Dara was very informative and interesting. He made the tour very successful. We recommended that some colleagues we were later meeting book their tour with you company.

    5.0 Stars Steven Hardin

  • Vatican Tour
    Very Enjoyable

    Dara’s knowledge was superb and was able to make the information very enjoyable. Hearing some other guides as we went round, his knowledge and expertise was a lot better and without this I think we would have skipped through a lot of the Museums and just gone to the Sistine Chapel as it was so busy.

    5.0 Stars Laura Carter

  • General Tour
    Great Tour Guide

    What a funny guy! Truly enjoyed the commentary whether it was related or not! He is a great tour guide, super personality!

    5.0 Stars Melissa Laycock

  • General Tour
    Very Friendly and Nice Tour Guide

    Very friendly and nice tour guide. Had a lot of knowledge and was presenting it in an efficient and enjoyable manner. Answered all questions to our satisfaction. We have enjoyed the tour very, very much. We will recommend this tour to our friends.

    5.0 Stars M.G (Fred) Drotskie

  • General Tour

    Our guide was fantastic, really bought everything alive!

    5.0 Stars Sacha Hitchings

  • Vatican Tour
    Outstanding Guide

    Thank you for providing a wonderful tour of the Vatican – with special thanks to Dara who was an outstanding guide!

    5.0 Stars Simon Harris

  • Vatican Tour
    Informative and Entertaining

    The tour was great and we loved our tour guide. The tour was informative and entertaining. Our Vatican experience was greatly enhanced by having this tour and it was definitely worth it.

    5.0 Stars Ryan

  • Vatican Tour
    Excellent Tour

    It was an excellent tour. Would recommend it to anyone who was going to Rome.

    5.0 Stars Paula Bawiec

  • General Tour
    Very funny and Entertaining

    Dara was fantastic!! Really informative, considerate of everyone on the tour. Aware that it was a long tour with a lot of walking and was always aware of the groups comfort and needs. He was also very funny and entertaining, I would highly recommend him!

    5.0 Stars Tracey Herbert

  • Rome Tour
    Excellent English

    Spoke excellent English. Loved the headphones. Did not have to keep up to enjoy the tour. Have two teenagers with us and they enjoyed it too!

    5.0 Stars Toni Elizabeth Stanek

  • Italy Tour
    Highlights of My Trip

    Most professional tour that I had on Rome. One of the highlights of my trip. Thank you!

    5.0 Stars Marti Panikkar

  • Italy Tour
    Helpful and Informative

    Dara was very helpful and informative. He knew each room and detail and I am glad that he was our tour guide. He had a nice personality and I was amazed with his ability to keep counting our group to make sure all were together before we moved forward. I have already recommended your tour to other people as I traveled in other parts of Italy.

    5.0 Stars Audrey Ferrante

  • Vatican Tour
    Informative and Interesting

    Our tour was most informative and interesting. The guide kept the family entertained with facts of the origins to the many statues and artwork. Well worth the cost to cover such a magnificent papal residence.

    5.0 Stars Gilbert & Luisa Rigon

  • Vatican Tour
    Great Tour

    It was a great tour except it was too long without being able to sit down or take breaks. (This is a criticism of the Vatican many people have – there should be more benches – Dara).

    5.0 Stars Sheila Picard

  • General Tour
    Excellent Sense of Humour

    Very informative and Dara has an excellent sence of humour.

    5.0 Stars Billy Kane

  • General Tour
    A Wonderful Experience

    A wonderful experience. Well worth the price. Excellent knowledge shown by Dara and any questions quickly answered. Would recommend strongly.

    5.0 Stars Steven Trickitt

  • Italy Tour
    Dara was Fantastic!

    Dara was fantastic! Not only very informative but funny as well. He kept the group together well, he frequently asked if everyone was okay and we stopped for toilet breaks. The tour was so interesting and well paced. It was also great that Dara was able to talk and walk at the same time unlike the guide the following day!

    5.0 Stars Natasha Thomas

  • Vatican Tour
    Brilliant Irish Wit

    Dara was so knowledgeable about all aspects of the history, architecture and general elements of the Vatican. What we really appreciated were the background stories he shared about why things were done the way that they were as it really aided our understanding and appreciation. Our group included 2 teenagers, and all of us were pleased. There was so much to cover and he did it brilliantly. His brilliant Irish wit was greatly appreciated too! I can’t imagine trying to do the Vatican on our own.

    5.0 Stars Carrie

  • Vatican Tour
    Dara was an Excellent Guide

    Dara was an excellent guide. His tour was very informative without being too ‘heavy’ and included just the right amount of humour. I’m sure we learnt a great deal more from Dara than if we simply read the guide books. The whole tour experience was incredible and helped to make our brief holiday to Rome a great success. Well Done!!

    5.0 Stars Alison and Alan Twyford

  • General Tour
    Dara was AWESOME!

    Dara was AWESOME!

    5.0 Stars Maz

  • General Tour
    An easy and Fun Experience

    The tour was everything and more than we expected. Thanks for making it an easy and fun experience for the whole family.

    5.0 Stars Sarah Morel

  • General Tour
    Dara was Outstanding

    Dara was outstanding. The tour was sensational and met every expectation we had. Our two teenage boys where very impressed with the tour and thoroughly enjoyed Dara’s commentary, humor and knowledge.

    5.0 Stars Carolyn Wales

  • Vatican Tour
    Very Good

    The tour was very good and Dara had the perfect combination of knowledge, respect and humour! It was good he had this as the tour is long but we knew it would be. The only aspect of the tour which saddened me and my friends (this has no reflection on Dara) when we entered the Sistine Chapel I could believe the noise, flash photography and uncovered arms!!) This is obviously a sign of the times but the Vatican should Not allow it. Vatican Tour was amazing and of course I will be recommending it.

    5.0 Stars Anna Baker

  • Vatican Tour
    Knowledgeable and Friendly

    We had a wonderful time on our tour. Dara was knowledgeable and friendly. The Vatican trip was a highlight of our trip to Rome. Thank you.

    5.0 Stars Medina Khalil

  • Vatican Tour

    This Irish tour guide was excellent. Very knowledgeable and delivered information in a thorough manner with a clear voice. By far the best guide I had on the trip.

    5.0 Stars Russell Lau

  • Vatican Tour
    By Far the Best I have Ever Experienced

    Having travelled a great deal, I have been on many tours in many places, but this tour was by far the best I have ever experienced! Dara delivered a lot of information in a quick and witty way. I am so glad we didn’t try to visit the Vatican without a tour. Thanks so much for a wonderful day!

    5.0 Stars April Flowers

  • General Tour
    Throughly Enjoyed the Tour

    Dara was excellent I throughly enjoyed the tour as did my family. I would do it again when I return.

    5.0 Stars Olga Corapi

  • General Tour
    Great Tour!

    Dara was excellent! Thank you for such a great tour!

    5.0 Stars Ruth

  • Italy Tour
    Excellent Tour

    Just loved all the info that Dara gave us. Excellent tour and tour guide. Would recommend your tours to our friends visiting Rome. Thanks for your services.

    5.0 Stars Brando DeOliveira

  • General Tour
    Excellent Guide

    Dara was an excellent guide, knowledgeable and added a nice touch of humour to the tour. We really enjoyed ourselves on the tour.

    5.0 Stars Kevin Hall

  • Vatican Tour
    The Tour was Excellent!

    The tour was excellent! Very informative. Dara was an excellent tour guide – funny, knowledgeable and very friendly. This was the best tour we went on during our stay in Italy.

    5.0 Stars Edvard Lauman

  • General Tour
    Extremely Interesting

    I attended the tour with my friend and we both found the tour extremely interesting. I would definitely recommend this tour.

    5.0 Stars Tracey Bennett

  • Italy Tour
    Dara’s Tour was Fantastic.

    Dara’s tour was fantastic. He made 2000 years of history much more fun than expected. I would certainly take his tour again when I next visit Rome. I learned so much and had a great time. Thanks!

    5.0 Stars Melinda

  • General Tour
    The Tour was Great

    The tour was great. Dara was a great combination of knowledge and humor. Good pace. I would use your tour company again.

    5.0 Stars Mike Marotta

  • Italy Tour
    The Most Enjoyable Tour

    This was the most enjoyable tour of our entire two week vacation to Italy. Dara was quite knowledgeable and interjected fun facts and humor which made it even more engaging for our children – ages 20, 17 & 15. He was always respectful of the faith and reminded us of the rules, other tour guides must not have been as informative.

    5.0 Stars Mike Howard

  • Italy Tour
    Wonderful Job

    Dara did a wonderful job. I wish we would have had him as our tour guide the entire time we were in Rome. He made the tour wonderfully entertaining and very educational. He placed just enough detail in the explanation to teach us but not bore us. He did an outstanding job. Thank you Dara!

    5.0 Stars Rebeka Carter

  • Vatican Tour
    Easy to Follow

    Dara did a great job and was very informative regarding the amount of art and sculpture that was covered. His explanation was in story form and he connected what was happening during that time in a very easy to follow description.

    5.0 Stars Lori Oliver

  • General Tour
    Take the Tour

    Take the tour, even if you will do it on your own later.

    5.0 Stars Dara Fazel

  • Italy Tour
    Dara was Great

    Dara was great. We had to leave the tour early because our ship changed the departure time from the port city – move it up 1 hour. Dara gave us great directions on where to go to see what we wanted to see since we couldn’t stay with the tour. He also was very informative while the hour or so we were with the tour.

    5.0 Stars Jerry Parche

  • Vatican Tour
    Dara was an Excellent Tour Guide

    We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Vatican and felt that we obtained a lot more information than we would have done on our own. Dara was an excellent tour guide who was well informed and able to deliver the information in an enjoyable way.

    5.0 Stars Shirley Ryan

  • Vatican Tour
    A Great Tour

    The tour was great, after talking with others on our cruise we got the better deal as they went on the cruise sponsor tour. I do have 2 items to help with improvements. I know you may not be able to do this one and it may be out of your control, but benches would be great when listening to the information on the Sistine Chapel. The second, the guides need better microphone, when they turn their head the mic stays put and you lose volume. My party all agreed that it was a great tour. Debbie.

    5.0 Stars Deborah Flanders

  • Italy Tour
    Dara was Very Funny

    Dara was very funny and gave great information. Truly enjoyed this!

    5.0 Stars Susan Kiner

  • Vatican Tour
    Dara was Amusing and Spoke Clearly

    While Dara was amusing and spoke clearly, your microphone system managed to cut out a good third of the information which he spoke into it. Several guests inquired about the quality of the broadcast. This was to be sketchily made out through the transmission, while more interesting things were not. The performance of Dara was good, however the time frame allotted and the shear load of visitors to the museum and vatican allowed for nothing in the way of an undisturbed visit.

    5.0 Stars Dr. Brian K. Manich

  • General Tour
    Thoroughly Pleased

    Thoroughly pleased with the entire experience.

    5.0 Stars Christy Turner

  • General Tour
    Tons of Sense of Humour

    I love Dara’s format of explaining with tons of sense of humour.

    5.0 Stars Celina Tablante

  • Italy Tour
    Perfect Balance of Wit and Knowledge

    He was the perfect balance of wit and knowledge – was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and he has ability to communicate the facts in an interesting manner – also gave us a good selection of the things worth seeing – I have recommended the tour on our expedia review of Rome

    5.0 Stars David Garwood