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Belle Giornate

This album of free online music was written over 2005/2006 while I was living in Rome, Italy. It means ‘beautiful days’ in Italian although some of the days weren’t beautiful. Being inside churches on a daily basis influenced my music. Songs may take a second to load depending on your internet speeds. If no media player appears, click on the Track name to listen to the song.

102:26Electronica2.5 MB

204:06Techno4.1 MB

303:42Techno3.7 MB

403:14Hard House3.3 MB

602:15Ambient2.4 MB

702:10Electronica2.3 MB

802:13Techno2.3 MB

903:01Techno3.1 MB

1002:11House2.3 MB

1102:08Hard House2.3 MB

1202:02Electro/Hip-Hop2.2 MB

1301:56Techno2.1 MB

1402:12Techno2.3 MB

1503:42Techno3.7 MB

1602:26Electronica2.5 MB

1701:02Classical2.5 MB

1802:15Hard House2.4 MB

1903:33Techno3.5 MB

2003:40Techno3.7 MB

2102:13Techno2.3 MB

2202:34Classical2.4 MB

2302:37Electro/Hip-Hop2.7 MB

2402:23Electronica2.5 MB

2504:06Hard House4.1 MB

2604:15Techno4.2 MB

2703:19Techno3.3 MB

2802:40Electronica2.7 MB

2902:03Electro2.2 MB

300:14Electronica0.5 MB

3102:17Classical/Electronica2.3 MB

3201:58Classical/Electronica2.0 MB

3303:51Electronica3.8 MB

3402:00Classical2.1 MB