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New Energy

This album was written in 2005 and was my first to feature the Korg Triton Le synthesiser. Songs may take a second to load depending on your internet speeds. If no media player appears, click on the Track name to listen to the song.

101:08New Age1.5 MB

201:23Electronica1.8 MB

303:58TechnoNote 14.1 MB

403:25Techno3.6 MB

50:37Electronica1.1 MB

603:41Electronica3.9 MB

703:49Techno4.0 MB

803:39Techno3.9 MB

901:42Classical2.1 MB

1003:53Techno4.1 MB

1104:31Electronica4.6 MB

1202:59Techno3.2 MB

1301:19Classical1.7 MB

1402:41Electronica3.0 MB

1504:15Techno4.4 MB

1603:30Techno3.7 MB

1704:15Electronica4.4 MB

1804:26Techno4.6 MB

1902:37Electronica2.9 MB

2003:18Hard House3.5 MB

2104:14House4.4 MB

2302:37Electronica2.6 MB

2202:38Electronica2.8 MB

2401:19Classical1.7 MB

250:43Electro/Hip-Hop1.2 MB